"What I saw"

- "I was in the classroom with everyone else,"
- "When my pencil broke."
- "So I was going to ask Larry for one,"
- "And when I saw at him again, he was holding a bloody pencil!"
- "Then I saw at Mike, and he was dead! With a mark on his chest!"

"Well, the defense may cross-examine this dumass witness".

"Very well, Your Honor", you say.

To his cross-examination.

  • Attorney's badge

Where the hell did I get this? It seems… shiny…

  • Autopsy Report

Mike Ekim was stabbed by a Number 1 pencil a single time. Yeah, that's it.

  • (Harry Potter and the) Deathly Pencil

The murder weapon. Bears the defendant's fingerprints. Larry, you idiot…

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