Turnabout Pencil - The Trial, Part 2


"The court reconvenes for the trial of Mr. Larry Butz. Mr. AzzJoul, please, call your witness.", the Judge starts.

"Ok, Your Honor. I call the teacher to the witness' stand."

Then, a blonde, tall, super-hot woman with huge boobs and a perfect juicy ass walks into the witness' stand. Know you realize why Leahcim was so horny.

"Name and occupation", AzzJoul adressed the witness.

"Camille Stricter, high school teacher, to your service", the woman says.

"Mrs. Stricter, this court wants you to-", AzzJoul was interrupted by Stricter.

"Ok, I'll undress!! But payment first!"

"…No, Mrs. Stricter, I meant we want you to testify about in what terms Michael Leahcim was with the victim."

"Ah, Ok! Sorry! I'll testify."

To Pamela Anderson's testimony.

  • Attorney's badge

Where the hell did I get this? It seems… shiny…

  • Autopsy Report

Mike Ekim was stabbed by a Number 1 pencil a single time. Yeah, that's it.

  • (Harry Potter and the) Deathly Pencil

The murder weapon. Bears the defendant's fingerprints. Larry, you idiot…

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