Turnabout Pencil - Cross Examination


"Your Honor, maybe the defendant found the pencil stuck into the victim's chest and, in his curiousity, he examined the pencil!"


"That's not logical, Mr. Lawyer! If you saw a dead body stabbed by a pencil, what would you do?", AzzJoul asks.

"Hmm… examine the pencil?"

"WRONG! You would have a bad reaction, like a scream! Unless you are the killer: If you are going to stab someone, you aren't going to react. Because you are prepared to do it, its not a surprise for you!"

Damn you, AzzJoul!, you think.

"Witness, continue.", AzzJoul adds.


  • Attorney's badge

Where the hell did I get this? It seems… shiny…

  • Autopsy Report

Mike Ekim was stabbed by a Number 1 pencil a single time. Yeah, that's it.

  • (Harry Potter and the) Deathly Pencil

The murder weapon. Bears the defendant's fingerprints. Larry, you idiot…

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