Turnabout Pencil - The Trial

"Now, prosecutor AzzJoul, please your opening statement.", says the judge.

"Of course, your Honor.", AzzJoul starts. "On a day that anybody in this courtroom can remember because we are all lazy dumasses, Mike Ekim, a 15 year old student, was murdered with a pencil-stabbing attack to the heart."

"And why do you think the defendant did it?", you say.

"I have proof. This pencil was the murder weapon. It holds Mr. Butt's fingerprints."

Then Butz says: "Actually, crappy prosecutor, it's BUTZ. With 'Z'. Remember the 'Z'. The last letter of the-"


"Very well, this court accepts the Deadly Pencil into the Court Record."

[Crappy-I mean Deathly Pencil added to the Evidence tag]


  • Attorney's badge

Where the hell did I get this? It seems… shiny…

  • Autopsy Report

Mike Ekim was stabbed by a Number 1 pencil a single time. Yeah, that's it.

  • (Harry Potter and the) Deathly Pencil

The murder weapon. Bears the defendant's fingerprints. Larry, you idiot…

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