The Turnabout Assassin

An Interactive Turnabout by Ferdie Lance.

This case contains SPOILERS for Tales from the Turnabout Club.
If you are playing that case, please do not proceed further!

This case also contains MAJOR SPOILERS for:

PW: Justice for All
PW: Trials & Tribulations

Type of case: Murder
Status: Incomplete
Who can edit it?: Please, leave that to me; feel free to comment in separate blocks, preferably on this page.


'It's a slow evening,' thought John Tearsheet, headwaiter at the Curly Cutz Barbershop and Bistro. 'But it could be worse, I suppose.' The Ellmanns were there, as usual, though neither needed a haircut. They came strictly for the food and the atmosphere, the pleasant background of buzzing razors and snipping scissors. At the next table over sat two new customers, one in a red-lined Optovisor, and one who hid his face inside a thuggish hooded sweatshirt. The visored man punctuated their muted conversation with a jeering laugh or a slap of the table now and then, and John had no real desire to approach this dubious pair. But duty called.

"Are you ready to order, gentlemen?"

"I'll just have a cup of tea," said the visored man. "What about you, Hash?"

For some reason, this startled the hooded man, but there was no point in prying into it. Off to the kitchen Mr. Tearsheet went to brew up a fresh cup of tea.

Twenty minutes later, he found the visored man's body draped over a bathroom sink.

(Coming soon…)

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