What, back so soon?

Pearl jumps in surprise as you open the door, hurriedly closing several websites of dubious fanfiction.

"What are you doing back here? You've got to find Mr. Nick! Hurry!"

You nod, hastily shut the door, and return to your car. Meanwhile, Pearl learns several new words to ask you about later. In public.

(If you're trying to go to the office after leaving the Bistro, make sure that the first part of the code is correct.)

  • Attorney's Badge. Code: at

It's nice to be wearing one of these again.

  • Abrasions. Code: ab

These red lines that suggest that a thin cord was wrapped around the struggling victim's neck.

  • Plastic card. Code: pl

A thick card that bears the insignia of a bird, possibly a heron, as well as Ash de Killer's fingerprints.

  • Phone records. Code: ph

Transcript of a call from a pay phone requesting assassination of Diego Armando.

  • Broken visor. Code: br

The optovisor used by Armando. Bears Armando's fingerprints.

  • Camera footage. Code: ca

Shows back of a hooded figure entering the County Morgue at 12:14 AM.

  • Mirror. Code: mi

The bathroom mirror faced the sink and the victim.

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