The drawbacks of being dead.

The badge produces the desired effect. With a polite nod, the man beckons you into the restaurant.

"Oh, come in! My apologies for my brusqueness," he says. "I'm supposed to keep the press out by any means necessary. My name's John Tearsheet. I'm the headwaiter."

"Could you please show me the scene of the incident?" you ask.

"Yes, ma'am. Follow me, if you please." He leads you past the barber's chairs and the tables, into the men's bathroom at the back of the restaurant. He raps on the door, careful not to touch the regions dusted with fingerprinting powder. "There's an attorney here for you, sir." He then retreats to the main floor of the restaurant, likely to secure the perimeter again.

"Let 'em in!" The bathroom door swings open, and Detective Gumshoe stands before you, grinning widely. "Hey! You must be -"

Pause. Blink. THUMP.

(Oops. Come to think of it, did Nick ever tell him about the channeling thing?)

As tempting as it is to explore the crime scene unhindered, it would probably be unwise to be caught prowling around with an unconscious detective on your hands. So you grab a pitcher of ice water from the kitchen and let the cold shock do its work.

"Gaah!" says Gumshoe. "Sorry, you - you look just like this other lawyer I knew, y'see, and -"

"Dick, it's me." You smile, hoping to put him at ease. "Maya's letting me borrow her body for a bit, that's all."

"Aha! I knew that Pink guy never could've killed you!" He laughs a big, triumphant Gumshoe laugh. "Ha ha! You were just hiding out all this time, weren't you?"

"… that's a brilliant deduction, Detective." (There's no point in arguing, is there?)

"Yeah," he says, "you really had us fooled…"

"The tough part was surviving the autopsy."
"Uh, there's something you should know..."

  • Attorney's Badge. Code: at

It's nice to be wearing one again.

  • Abrasions. Code: ab

These red lines that suggest that a thin cord was wrapped around the struggling victim's neck.

  • Plastic card. Code: pl

A thick card that bears the insignia of a bird, possibly a heron, as well as Ash de Killer's fingerprints.

  • Phone records. Code: ph

Transcript of a call from a pay phone requesting assassination of Diego Armando.

  • Broken visor. Code: br

The optovisor used by Armando. Bears Armando's fingerprints.

  • Camera footage. Code: ca

Shows back of a hooded figure entering the County Morgue at 12:14 AM.

  • Mirror. Code: mi

The bathroom mirror faced the sink and the victim.

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