You pluck out a pretty good rendition of the Nickel Samurai theme, and inform Maya of the fact, much to her annoyance. "That's… so inappropriate right now!" You then replace the figurine, the paper clip, and the jelly sandwich in their proper places. You will never need them again, ever.

(Erase the evidence codes for those three items from your notes.)

"If you want to learn how to travel," says the next note, frantically scribbled, "you'd better pay attention."

"But I already know how to drive!"

Head-shake. "Have you got the hang of the new car's IntelliNav System yet?"


"I didn't think so. To go somewhere, you've got to enter a Travel Code," explains Maya. "These come in two parts, okay?" You reach the car and examine it critically. Maybe you're just old-fashioned, but car styles seem to have gone downhill in the past two years. "The first part is your Driver's Code, which you get whenever you start the ignition."

You rev up the car.

Hello! Your Driver's Code for this trip is: Opening

When it's ready to go, you look at the map projected onto the dashboard, which seems to already have a location marked. "The second code you get when you program in a new place. That's your Destination Code. I've already put in where the Bistro is."

Current Destinations:
Curly Cutz Barbershop and Bistro. Code: Bistro

"Okay! Let 'er rip! Just put together your Driver's Code and your Destination Code to make your Travel Code. Let's crack this case!"

(To go to the airport, alter the URL in your address bar to replace "jnjspcjn" with the appropriate Travel Code, then go to that page. For example, if your Driver's Code was Midgame, and your Travel Code was PuppyFarm, you'd enter Not that there's a puppy farm in this game, no sir.)

  • Attorney's Badge

It's nice to be wearing one again.

  • Abrasions

These red lines that suggest that a thin cord was wrapped around the struggling victim's neck.

  • Plastic card

A thick card that bears the insignia of a bird, possibly a heron, as well as Ash de Killer's fingerprints.

  • Phone records

Transcript of a call from a pay phone, requesting assassination of Diego Armando.

  • Broken visor

The optovisor used by Armando. Bears Armando's fingerprints.

  • Camera footage

Shows back of a hooded figure entering the County Morgue at 12:14 AM.

  • Mirror

The bathroom mirror faced the sink and the victim.

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