Presenting Evidence and Using Objects

Compound code accepted.

"That's the ticket!" says the next line of Maya's note. "Oh, by the way, I heard the coolest thing about these Jammin' Ninja figurines! It turns out that the guitar is detachable, and you can play music on it with your fingernails! Isn't that awesome?"

(… don't we have more important things to worry about?)

"Go on! Play something on it!"

(To use an object, postfix its evidence code to the current URL in your address bar. For example, if you wanted to use the paperclip now, you'd change the URL to - yes, it's clumsy, I know. If you end up at a page that hasn't been created, then the object has no use at the moment.

Some objects will be mentioned in the Court Record even if you don't actually hold them. You can still present those objects during your investigation; you'll end up discussing them, rather than using them.

This system will only be used outside of the Courtroom, thank goodness.)

  • Attorney's Badge

It's nice to be wearing one again.

  • Abrasions

These red lines that suggest that a thin cord was wrapped around the struggling victim's neck.

  • Plastic card

A thick card that bears the insignia of a bird, possibly a heron, as well as Ash de Killer's fingerprints.

  • Phone records

Transcript of a call from a pay phone, requesting assassination of Diego Armando.

  • Broken visor

The optovisor used by Armando. Bears Armando's fingerprints.

  • Camera footage

Shows back of a hooded figure entering the County Morgue at 12:14 AM.

  • Mirror

The bathroom mirror faced the sink and the victim.

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