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There doesn't appear to be a way to embed anything other than an approved set of widgets. I could make a downloadable applet and attach it, but I'd need a way to let the site communicate with it. I tried embedding as a frame inside a downloadable webpage, but, sadly, there's no way for a locally stored webpage to read information off a wikidot webpage that I know of - if there were, it would be ridiculously easy to make a hidden piece of spyware.

I'm still puzzling this one out.

Re: Brainstorming. by FerdieLanceFerdieLance, 10 Feb 2008 05:00

I think you can use Javascript, but I'm not sure. You can embed a lot of things in Wikidot text, so you might want to check for some more documentation.

Re: Brainstorming. by BigbigFishBigbigFish, 07 Feb 2008 01:54

^ Thanks for replying.

I haven't checked these, like ever recently, but it looks like there's a new person here. :D Welcome!

Re: How to make a case? by BigbigFishBigbigFish, 07 Feb 2008 01:52
FerdieLanceFerdieLance 03 Feb 2008 03:51
in discussion Site Stuff / Systems » Brainstorming.

The Turnabout Assassin is not dead - I just need to clear up some RL matters. That said, the system for dealing with evidence in it is extremely bulky and ponderous, and would be helped if there were some way to save variable data…

Any ideas?

Brainstorming. by FerdieLanceFerdieLance, 03 Feb 2008 03:51

1) Make a title page post, tagged as a case. If it's a murder, add a "murder" tag, too.

2) Use the edit buttons to add Wiki markup - things like links to other pages, and pop-up menus. The best way to learn how to do this is to look at the example case, click the Edit button, and copy-paste out pieces of script.

3) Be persistent!

Re: How to make a case? by FerdieLanceFerdieLance, 03 Feb 2008 03:48

How exactly do you go about making a case? I was afraid of posting one until I knew how too.

How to make a case? by EnshidiaEnshidia, 31 Jan 2008 10:50

Ah. That makes sense.

Heh… you seem to be the only person using this wiki at all lately. Feel free to advertise it to other people! :)

Re: Tutorial case? by BigbigFishBigbigFish, 18 Jan 2008 00:55

The reason for the alphabetical order rule is that I can't know the order the player will find the evidence in. If I did, I could drop the system altogether.

Suppose, in a purely hypothetical example, that presenting the whippet puppy to Franziska von Karma causes her to drop her whip, which is covered in blood (evidence code: wh). Elsewhere, picking a lock nets you Maya Fey's Diary (evidence code ma), and using fingerprint powder on a doorknob gets you Chuck Norris's fingerprints (evidence code ch). That's only three pieces of evidence, and already there are 16 combinations to consider - since the player might not find all three pieces of evidence. On the other hand, if they have to enter the evidence they've found in alphabetical order, there are only 7 possibilities (ch, ma, wh, chma, chwh, mawh, chmawh), and at least some of those can be given the "You don't have enough evidence to bring this to court!" response.

I hope to use 'checkpoints' at several points during the investigation to keep this from getting overwhelming. For example, after exploring the Bistro crime scene, the player will be asked to demonstrate that they've found everything relevant by entering the compound code for all evidence they found at the Bistro. The evidence will then be added to the Court Record, and the compound code will be reset. Later, they'll have to give all of the evidence they have found since searching the Bistro crime scene. Then it will, again, be added to the Court Record, and the compound code reset once more. The player should never have to alphabetize ten codes at once.

Re: Tutorial case? by FerdieLanceFerdieLance, 17 Jan 2008 04:04

I think your tutorial part covers it as much as necessary. The only thing I think that is a bit weird about it is having to enter the evidence codes in alphabetical order. It would be easier if it was just in order of appearance. :/

Re: Tutorial case? by BigbigFishBigbigFish, 14 Jan 2008 18:02

As it happens, "The Turnabout Assassin" has a pretty complicated interface; there are three different things a player can do by entering URLs by hand. I'm wondering if the brief tutorial section in the case is sufficient, or if I should actually have an entire separate tutorial case. Thoughts?

Tutorial case? by FerdieLanceFerdieLance, 14 Jan 2008 02:41

Yaaaaay! And it uses the same code as the wiki, so you can have tabbed posts! How…. useless….

The forum is created! by BigbigFishBigbigFish, 13 Jan 2008 01:53
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