Cream147 1 - Start

[Wright Law Offices]
???: Hello?
Phoenix: *wakes up* Huh?
???: I need a bit of help. I have a slight problem.
Phoenix: *opens eyes* Wh-what! It's Ma-Mario!
Mario: That's right Mr Wright, it's a me, Mario!
Phoenix: Mario…I should inform you that I am a defense attorney. I will not prosecute Bowser for you.
Mario: Oh I know what you are!
Phoenix: But…but why would you, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the universe, need me? Why would you need defense!?
Mario:…well, there's going to be a murder trial tomorrow…
Phoenix: You need a defense at a murder trial…tomorrow? I refuse to believe it.
Mario: Bowser Jr. was the victim…
Phoenix:…(Surely Bowser Jr. was on death row at any rate)
Mario: What is it Mr Wright?
Phoenix: Well…Bowser Jr. is of hardly any loss to the Mushroom kingdom. Why is it being taken so seriously?
Mario: A murder is a murder, Mr Wright sir.
Phoenix: I guess. Well I think I believe in your innocence pretty firmly, and I'm shocked no one else does. This case should be in the bag. I am happy to be your lawyer. (He's going to pay me in coins isn't he…grr…)
Mario: I've got to be off to the detention center now Mr Wright sir.
Phoenix: I'll be visiting you shortly I feel.
[Mario leaves]
Phoenix: (I guess I'd better call Maya, and explain this to her)
[Mario's profile added to the court records]

Call and explain to Maya

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No one will believe I'm a defence attorney without this!

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