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Phoenix: You slipped up last time that Link may have a reason to suspect you. I show you the reason.
Mario: *reads note*…
Phoenix: *raises eyebrows*
Mario: Hmm…dear me.
Phoenix: Well well.
Mario: Yes…YES! Well done Mr Wright sir. I was testing your attorney abilities, and I'm glad to say, you have passed the test. I asked you for evidence, and now you've given me some. Well done Mr Wright sir.
Maya: Mario always calls you Mr Wright…I prefer Mr PW myself…
Phoenix: Mario, there is no need to weave your lies. I want to hear the truth about what happened from you.
Mario:OK, this is how the story goes. I ran into Bowser's Castle, ready for the Nintendo party. I happened to have a lightsaber with…
Phoenix: HOLD IT! Happened to have? I don't think so Mario.
Mario: Err…
Phoenix: Is Ganondorf right? Does the defense in fact not have a case? If you don't tell me the truth now, then I'm giving up on you.
Mario: Ok…I was mugged on the street.
Phoenix: By?
Mario: Wario…he had a lightsaber with him. It was a very scary encounter. He took all my coins, and then told me "Don't fight back." He then displayed his lightsaber. Well obviously I am superior to Wario at fights, so I was able to get the lightsaber from him. I then ran towards the castle in desperate need for safety. I hid the lightsaber in the Castle, but someone must have found it. I would have thought the only person who would know the Castle well enough to find it would be Bowser and Bowser Jr., but it's a bit far-fetched to suggest either of those.
Phoenix: Can you prove that you were mugged?
Mario: Err…yes, I can. Look at my dungaries.
Phoenix: There's a bit torn.
Mario: If you can find that piece of dungarie, then I guess you can get solid proof I was mugged, even better if it has Wario's fingerprints on it.
Maya: That story is rather perplexing. I believe you, but to prove that story in court…no offense, but you being the murderer just makes more sense.
Mario: You have to believe.
Maya: I believe. I just want to know how we can get the judge to believe…
Mario: The torn…
Maya: No…even if you were mugged and you took the lightsaber in self-defense, it's still hard to prove that you weren't the murderer.
Mario: Court is so unfair.
Maya: I said hard, not impossible. Nick?
Phoenix: Mario. Your story completely fits with the evidence. The problem is, so does Ganondorf's. We need to find a piece of evidence that will fit with our theory but will not fit with his. We're not in a bad situation at the moment, but neither are we in a good one.
Mario: You need to put us in a good one.
Phoenix: And so I shall!

  • Attorney's badge

No one will believe I'm a defence attorney without this!

  • Link's note

I'm sorry, but Mario is Bowser Jr.s murderer. And it wasn't a rescue the world act, it was purely malicious. I was heading up to Bowser's Castle for an annual Nintendo party when I saw Mario charge in. He was holding a lightsaber. It was the same lightsaber that killed Bowser Jr. Mario's fingerprints were all over the murder weapon according to Detective Gumshoe. I'm sorry.

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