Cream147 1 Mario Waitasecond

Phoenix: HOLD IT!
Mario: What?
Phoenix: I want the whole truth.
Mario: And nothing but the truth?
Phoenix: And nothing but the truth.
Maya: What is it Nick?
Phoenix: Mario said that he was in desperate need for safety…but why should he have been?
Maya: MARIO!
Mario: …
Phoenix: You are a tough one Mario. Seriously, why did you lie about this?
Mario: It wasn't a lie. It simply slipped my mind. Wario had TWO lightsabers.
*dramatic music plays*
Phoenix: Wario had…two lightsabers? Do you realise what a crucial piece of evidence this is?
Mario: No?
Phoenix: You claimed to have hidden the one that you obtained so well that you believe only Bowser and Bowser Jr. could find it. Suppose that that one wasn't the murder weapon. Suppose that the second one, the one that you DID NOT steal from Wario, was the murder weapon.
*dramatic music becomes louder*
Mario: *looks shocked*
Maya: There's only one problem with the theory. Mario's fingerprints are all over the murder weapon.
Phoenix: I suppose that you tried to wrestle them both away, but could only manage one?
Mario: Yes…Mr Wright sir.
Maya: Nick, I think it was an intentional lie. He seems to have a lot of pride. Pride he did not want to lose by admitting he could not seize both lightsabers off Wario.
Phoenix: Good point Maya!
Maya: So if we were to head to Bowser's castle, and meet Detective Gumshoe at the door…well, he knows we haven't been there yet, so if we could already tell him of the location of the lightsaber then that would be proof. Almost proof enough to clear Mario's name!
Mario: You two are good.
Phoenix: You watch as the prosecution come out good as well tomorrow. We will need lots more evidence. You can start. Can you draw us a rough map of the Mushroom Kingdom, along with the houses of important people and Bowser's Castle?
Mario: Yes I can. *draws map*

[Mushroom Kingdom map is added to the court records]

  • Attorney's badge

No one will believe I'm a defence attorney without this!

  • Link's note

I'm sorry, but Mario is Bowser Jr.s murderer. And it wasn't a rescue the world act, it was purely malicious. I was heading up to Bowser's Castle for an annual Nintendo party when I saw Mario charge in. He was holding a lightsaber. It was the same lightsaber that killed Bowser Jr. Mario's fingerprints were all over the murder weapon according to Detective Gumshoe. I'm sorry.

  • Mushroom Kingdom map

Bowser's Castle is about an hour's walk away from the only entrance. Peach's castle is about 30 minutes away from Bowser's, while the prime Monty Mole habitat is 35 minutes from each.

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