Cream147 1 Link S House

[Link's House]

Ganondorf: Ahh. You two. Sit down around the table
Phoenix: *sits down* So you were discussing an important reason why Link supposes that Mario is the murderer. An important piece of evidence?
Ganondorf: Important is an understatement
Phoenix: So where is Link?
Ganondorf: He'll be here in a second.
Phoenix: *points an accusatory finger* Link is your enemy!
Ganondorf: He is.
Phoenix: So how have you convinced him to work for you?
Ganondorf: Because he is not working for me. He is working for justice.
Phoenix: (Hmm…can I trust Ganondorf? Suppose I'd better just sit back, and relax as he shows us this critical piece of evidence)
Ganondorf: Ah, here comes that goody-two-shoes now.
Link: *enters*
Phoenix: Hello Link.
Ganondorf: As I'm sure you're aware, Link is mute. He will not speak. But he will write.
Link:…*starts scribbling down on piece of paper*
Ganondorf: How about a cup of tea Mr PW? *looks away*
Link: *shakes head*
Phoenix: Er…no thanks.
Ganondorf: Sure Mr PW? I mean, you know…
Phoenix: I'm quite sure Mr Ganondorf sir. I'm more interested in what I believe Link has just completed.
Ganondorf: Fabulous. Read it then!
Phoenix: Sure you don't want to read it first? Check that Link has written exactly what you want?
Link: *shakes head very very violently*
Ganondorf: Why can't I try and do the right thing once in a while…
Phoenix: Just because Link has been blackmailed into this by you…
Link: *shakes head more violent still*
Phoenix: *sigh* This evidence that Link has given me is completely valid isn't it.
Link: *nods head*
Ganondorf: Yes it is. For great justice!

[Link's note added to court record]

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  • Attorney's badge

No one will believe I'm a defence attorney without this!

  • Link's note

I'm sorry, but Mario is Bowser Jr.s murderer. And it wasn't a rescue the world act, it was purely malicious. I was heading up to Bowser's Castle for an annual Nintendo party when I saw Mario charge in. He was holding a lightsaber. It was the same lightsaber that killed Bowser Jr. Mario's fingerprints were all over the murder weapon according to Detective Gumshoe. I'm sorry.

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