Cream147 1 Hyrule

Phoenix: So this is where Link lives then?
Maya: Yes
Phoenix: I can't believe he's testifying against Mario. That reason Mario mentioned must be pretty good.
Maya: Wh-What's that *points at something*
???: WHO ARE YOU!?
Maya: *holds hands up as if she's about to be arrested* We're looking for Link…
???: You're looking for Link…well, that isn't a problem. He's with me. Do you want a word with me first though?
Phoenix: That depends…wait…you're Ganondorf. We'd love a word with you!
Ganondorf: Who are you then?
Phoenix: Phoenix Wright, looking forward to being your rival at tomorrow's trial.
Ganondorf: Hah! Rival! Rival suggests that you will actually challenge me in some way. PW, I suggest that you run off with Mario's money and concede tomorrow. You ain't getting nowhere.
Phoenix: What makes you say that?
Ganondorf: My greatest enemy, yet today, my greatest friend, has the answer.
Phoenix: No doubt what Mario was talking about.
Ganondorf: Hoho. Anyway, join Link and I inside Link's house, if you will. I am going to reveal to my opposition the reason why I have no real opposition!
[Ganondorf enters the house]
Maya:Wow, we don't normally get that. Our rival is actually going to show us the key to the case. Ganondorf is new to this whole court thing I think…
Phoenix: Hopefully he'll supply us with evidence for our court case that way. Maybe that's just a drop optimistic though.
Maya: Let's take advantage of this oppurtunity!

[Ganondorf added to Court Records]

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