Cream147 1 Detention Center 1

Maya: A bit ominous that note isn't it.
Phoenix: Hmm…
Maya: What is it?
Phoenix: Maybe Ganondorf is right. Maybe we really aren't opposition. Maybe Mario is actually guilty, in which case proving him not guilty will be very very difficult.
Maya: We can't give up on him. Just because you like Link more!
Phoenix: Sue me.
Maya: If you give up, Mario will.
Phoenix: Hmm…this is just one setback. As long as Mario gives us a good explanation, all should be dandy.

[Detention Center]
Phoenix: Mario, we have done a little bit of digging and we want quite a bit of explaining.
Mario: Ok then, prove to me you have something to explain about.
Phoenix: As a matter of fact…

  • Attorney's badge

No one will believe I'm a defence attorney without this!

  • Link's note

I'm sorry, but Mario is Bowser Jr.s murderer. And it wasn't a rescue the world act, it was purely malicious. I was heading up to Bowser's Castle for an annual Nintendo party when I saw Mario charge in. He was holding a lightsaber. It was the same lightsaber that killed Bowser Jr. Mario's fingerprints were all over the murder weapon according to Detective Gumshoe. I'm sorry.

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