Cream147 1 Detention Center

[Detention Center]
Mario: Mr Wright?
Phoenix: Hello.
Mario: Mr Wright, I've been listening to rumours. This is serious. Please take this seriously. We're talking life in jail, and what's more, the guards reckon that the verdicts a given. What with Ganondorf as the prosecutor…
Phoenix: What!? Ganondorf? Prosecutor?
Mario: Yes
Phoenix: Criminals everywhere! I'm sure Bowser will be getting his testimony ready.
Mario: I've heard that Ganondorf has even swayed Link to give a testimony.
Phoenix: Huhr! This is outrageous. Link is a mute for God's sake!
Mario: He'll write the thing down.
Phoenix: Ganondorf and Link are sworn enemies.
Mario: I guess Link has a reason for thinking I'm guilty…
Phoenix: (Wait a second. This could be important!) Did you just say Link may have a reason? What makes you suppose that.
Mario: Uh…
Phoenix: Be open with me, or I can't help you.
Mario: If you gave me evidence to suppose that Link had a reason…but you do not have any, so you must be wrong! WRONG!
Maya: He's definitely hiding something. I think we're going to need to find the right evidence to get him to tell us that though.
Phoenix: Where did this crime happen?
Mario: In Bowser's castle. Detectives are investigating the area as we speak.
Phoenix: That's all we need from you for now Mario. We'll be back later, once we've dug up some evidence.

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