"Detective Gumshoe..."

"I don't mean to criticize your technique, but I think I see something contradictory in the Court Record."

Gumshoe looks more surprised than he ought to, given his history. "Oh, yeah? What?"

"I understand that you couldn't get an autopsy because of the disappearing body. But according to your report, the abrasions on the victim's neck meant that he was probably strangled and struggled to escape."

"Yeah! But if you're going to say, 'The murderer couldn't have snuck up on him because of the mirror,' you're way off-base!" Gumshoe grins. "I bet what happened was, Diego was washing his hands, and he didn't suspect anything when the murderer came up to him. I mean, they came in here alone together, so he must've trusted him. But all of the sudden there was a garrote around his neck! He got those abrasions when he was trying to get away, where the garrote rubbed hard on his skin."

(Well, that does seem to solve everything - or does it?)

(I'm not sure. I'd better check out the crime scene again.)
(I'm not sure. I'd better question Gumshoe some more.)
(There's a contradiction here, and I think I know what it is.)

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