Bigfish 1 Trial Start

The judge bangs his gavel. Payne winces. "Is everyone ready?", the judge asks.

"Yes.", you and Payne reply.

"Prosecution, your opening statement?", the judge asks.

"The accused, Larry Butz, hit the victim with pencil. The victim was a very weak person, so the pencil hurt him very much. The pencil also has fingerprints of Larry on them.", Payne says. "I submit the pencil to the court."

Pencil added to Court Record!

"Defence, any objections?", the judge asks.


  • Attorney's badge

No one will believe I'm a defence attorney without this!

  • Autopsy Report

Bob Bobb died from being hit by a pencil repeatedly.

  • Pencil

Murder weapon. Has Larry's fingerprints on it.

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