Back at the Wright and Co. Law Offices

Back at the office, you mull over the case file. A vanishing body, an assassin pleading innocence, and a hooded man in a restaurant… hardly promising. You turn to the note that Maya conscientiously left you.

"I know you can handle this!" it begins. "But since it's been a while since your last case, maybe we should go over how you log evidence in the Court Record. And have you worked out how to use the new car's nav system yet?"

(New players should definitely look at this.)

How Evidence Logging, Item Use, and Travel work
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  • Attorney's Badge

It's nice to be wearing it again.

  • Abrasions

These red lines that suggest that a thin cord was wrapped around the struggling victim's neck.

  • Plastic card

A thick card that bears the insignia of a bird, possibly a heron, as well as Ash de Killer's fingerprints.

  • Phone records

Transcript of a call from a pay phone, requesting assassination of Diego Armando.

  • Broken visor

The optovisor used by Armando. Bears Armando's fingerprints.

  • Camera footage

Shows back of a hooded figure entering the County Morgue at 12:14 AM.

  • Mirror

The bathroom mirror faced the sink and the victim.

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